Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Great Churp2 Race

JOM join CHURP2 together, win and win..

The Great ChurpChurp Race! Start your engines, rev up and speed your way up to iPad 2! It's going to be, WAIT for it, WAIT for it, LEGENDARY! Come on Racers! 

Start your engines. An iPad2, aBlackberry Bold 3, an iPod touch, or a pair of movie passesawait you at the finish line!Step on itstart inviting your friends and share campaigns because it's gonna be neck-to-neck till the end!
iPad 2, Blackberry Bold 3, iPod touch and movie passes

Fast to join churp churp to win it^^


titan said...

Just reach 2km. Still hard to catch up with Timothy. haiya, he so fast la..

feyus said...

Best tol lau dapat nih.:)

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zis said...

Come race race race vroommmm vroommmm vrooommm! =D

PaK_LaN said...

yeah...grab the chances to have hot oMG

aiEz said...

kan best kalau menang..hehe

ainol akasyah said...

churper race here..

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