Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cash out 2nd time- RM60

Have u join It is a social community media as well....My 2nd cash out have been verify...

This is my verification wait for the money bank in....
If you wanna to jom- Click
JOM JOIN together....

Now is  3rd anniversary birthday... Share more get large chance to win...
If you want win MAYBANK RM1000---->

Wanna to win prizes as below: click bday
  • iPad 2
  • IKEA Room Makeover
  • 2 tickets to watch Maroon 5 live in Kuala Lumpur
  • Two(2) round-trip tickets to Krabi via Air Asia
  • RM500 Zara Shopping Voucher
  • Kingston 8GB Thumb Drive
  • (X2) RM100 Cash in
  • RM50 worth of Groupon Vouchers
  • RM50 Starbucks Voucher

JOM Join together at


maro^gal said...

congrats !!!

Philip Khor said...

Nice. I'm only at 23 i think. :(

Lee雨天lls said...

is ok o...add oil to share it^^

titan said...

same with me. I also get the same email from yuna.hoho. thanks says.

Mi$s NiCkeL=? said...

does it effect our nuffnang acc if we join

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