Saturday, March 12, 2011

Nuffnang competitor ☞ Mangga Ads

Now, we can see a lot of blogger sure put the ads in their blog...and the Advertising community also increase...But which is the best? I also don't know...hehe...Everyone have own perception...Justify ourselves ya...haha^^

Below picture is about Nuffnang competitor...i think..hehe...Mangga Ads

After join the Nuffnang Sdn. Bhd. Asia Pacific's First Blog Advertising Community. I have interest on put the Ads in our blog...but yesterday i know that ManggaOnline Ads is also same function by put the ads in our blog...But actually how Mangga Ads work? Interesting ppl can see " Mangga Ads "...look for more detail...

For me, i still prefer to Nuffnang Ads because i more understand to nuffnang...haha...Here just want to share the information to you all...To those who want to know the Mangga can look to-----> Mangga Ads

Just like to sharing new information with blogger...

Friday, March 11, 2011

Webmaster → Incease traffic?

You have heard about what is webmaster?  For exmaple: Google Webmaster?  Webmaster really can increase blog traffic? let see a picture...

Actually I also don't know what is webmaster...but I have submit my blog URL in google, yahoo and bing webmaster..Here want to share with you all...and if you know what is actually this about...leave a comment to me ya^^

Below link is where i submit my blog URL: (you may click to look detail and fill up ur URL)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Churpchurp tweet assignment

Here wan to ask about who receive the churpchurp tweet assignment? Haha...because i was confuse how to gain earning from tweet assignment...i dont know izzit direct compose and submit by no need change any word...and how to tweet it? who have experience for it can leave a comment to me...thanks ya^^

Thursday, March 3, 2011

My blog traffic ☀☀

If you have see my sure know before 5 days i have share a new community media with you all...that is a chance to increase the blog traffic...Somemore you can get to know more friend...and share with them what you want to share....If u miss to look my previous post....have a look at-----> Increase blog traffic (TWIENDS) ... Today i wan to share a picture that TWIENDS really can improve traffic...

Maybe someone will say increase the blog traffic by rajin blogwalking or write the interest or attractive blog post o...but TWIENDS is a alternative chance for you to increase blog traffic..Why no we try it???

Since i just join TWIENDS a few maybe the information giving you is no enough... Here to share my TWIENDS account...

This is my TWIEND account
No lie you all...I have join TWIENDS for a few day ago..This is my account...hehe...If you interest wanna to may click---->
Here i want to prove there have ppl who are really visit me through TWIENDS...

Above picture is my traffic feed...with the red color circle mean the ppl visit my blog is through For 1 hour, i get at least 3 ppl to see my blog...Maybe some ppl will feel that is only little...but i think for me is just want to disclosure what i know for everyone...maybe you are interest or maybe you are no...haha...For me, i just trying this...hehe...

If u finish see my blog and have the interest to may click---->
haha...If no interest wanna to join is ok...Thanks for reading my blog...hehe✪✪

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